An important moment…

Starting the story of your first bra is in truth the entry into the World of Womanhood. The natural guide in this new world will usually be the Mum. Sometimes, this role is played by a different close person – the older sister, the aunt, the grandmother…

That first talk about breasts and the need for a bra is an important moment – both for the young Woman, only just entering the new world, and for the older, mature Woman… It is good to start this moment by smiling and congratulating the young Woman on entering a new stage of Her Life.

The moments when we start the stories of our menstrual cycle and our first bra are of considerable weight, and we carry them with us all through our Lives.

Karolina Figiel

The Mum’s Perspective – practical tips:

From my personal experience, I think I can say that, for my daughter, the issue of buying her first bra felt particularly embarrassing and bothersome. To make her feel more confident, I told her about my own experiences from the time when I was her age, and I did my best to gently prepare my Basia for the shopping for her “own first bra”. When she felt comfortable and safe enough, we looked through and discussed the different models of teen bras together. I explained to her that the size and position of breasts depends on the individual, but one thing is universal – at the stage when the breast tissue is forming, the young woman does not yet need underwires, since their job is “to stabilise breasts”. For a teen, underwires may be uncomfortable, unpleasant and unhealthy.

Then, I showed her how to properly measure her size under the bust. This allowed Basia to avoid any awkward situations in the store. Finally, we set a date for our bra shopping… :)In the store, she tried on various models. We started off with the TBC, and then followed through to the TBM. Selecting the right model is grounded in each young girl’s personal impressions, both physical and visual (the cups have different shapes). In this respect, Basia decided that she felt more comfortable in the TBC.Mums often wonder when is the right time to change the size of the bra. This question is an important one. The breasts of young women develop in different paces, so naturally I cannot advise everyone universally.

You just need to observe and look for the moment when the first one, the AA size bra, becomes a bit tight – when you can see delicate marks on the skin where the edge of the bra is. Frequently, girls won’t openly tell you about their developing breasts, so the Mum has to be on the lookout herself to decide it’s time to change the bra for a bigger cup size – BB. This second time, too, I recommend trying on both models. The fact that your daughter liked one model better the first time does not mean she will like it better trying it on now, too.The next important moment is the change to CC – the final size before moving on from the young girls’ section. On this last change, we chose the comfortable moulded TBM bra.

I think that a part of being a Mum is to be attentive to and mindful of the changes happening in your teen’s body. :slightly_smiling_face:

After all, selecting their first bra is the first step on their way towards Womanhood, and there is no other person who will hear and understand the voice of a young Woman better than her Mum.”

Ewa Buca – Kubińska,
Basia’s Mum


My first bra – the joy of growing up!

Working on perfect bras for young girls, we developed four different models, which will transform this potentially problematic subject into an exciting and joyful moment.

This time of intimate talks and shopping together is also a perfect occasion to strengthen the extraordinary bond between the mother and the daughter.

To make selecting the right model even easier, we have prepared some useful tips!

  • The first bra should be soft, with no stitching on the cups, and it ought to be made of natural knitted fabric to gently embrace the teen’s body. In this respect, we recommend TBM 120
  • TBM 122 will make another good choice – it has the same shape and cut as in TBM 120, but it is made of knitted fabric with a subtle satin shine. It may be more attractive to some young girls, while the cotton fabric and the natural padding inside the cups will ensure comfort all throughout the day.
  • If a girl feels the need for more stabilisation, she might like TBC 024 or TBC 122 with satin shine. This model will be perfect to handle slightly fuller breasts, with the reinforcing stitching that provides proper support.

PS: It is particularly important that you ask your daughter about her impressions and needs when she is trying on her first bras.

Our TBM model – taking care of a teen’s sensitive breasts

We recommend these moulded foam cups particularly for girls who have sensitive nipples.

No stitching or edges inside the cup make it possible for the cup to gently embrace the entire surface of the breast, which makes it so comfortable it becomes “unnoticeable”.

Our TBC model – taking care of a teen’s delicate breasts.

Soft foam padding in the cups protects delicate breasts, especially during physical education classes.

For older girls, we included delicate stitching which additionally reinforces the cup and provides support without sacrificing the softness.

A particular advantage of our teen bras is that they have no underwires. Instead, we included additional non-pressure stitching to ensure maximum support and comfort. This aspect is especially important, considering that a girl’s breasts are continuously developing and should not be constricted by absolutely anything.

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