In 2021, our Brand will celebrate 30 years in business – 30 incredible, beautiful, colourful and sometimes very tough years. This time has been not only a historical record of our personal stories, but also a kaleidoscope of different events in Poland as well as global social changes. At the beginning of the 90s, we dreamed of escaping the overwhelming greyness. At that time, colourful and happy underpants were what we yearned for and truly needed. For them to really come into being, we had to consider two crucial factors: the Idea and the Work. And so, colourful little dots, flowers, check, carrots, lemons, strawberries and stripes smoothly arrived on women’s, men’s and children’s undergarments. This creative engagement was a source of great Joy for us! In 1994, we introduced three brands to the market – Giovanni di Milano, Betty Blue and Romantique – to arrange our visions, ideas and needs into one coherent picture.
These brands concluded their life in 1999, when we decided to create one unified colourful and exceptional brand, KEY. In our new logo, we included a yellow hang-glider, which to this day continues carrying us through the ski.
This is what Key has always been like – loving colours, rhythms, vibrations and the beauty of nature…


Key has always remained close to Women and their needs. And, as it is in the Cycle of Life, Women are in time joined by girls and young women. ZIt is with them in mind that in 2000 we started the production of My First Bra – an exceptional brassiere which conquered many hearts :)) It was very comfortable, wireless, and perfectly adjusted to the needs of young, developing breasts. This pioneering solution was introduced to the market in cooperation with young Girls actively supporting our research. We visited them and talked to them in schools, listening to their needs and wishes, and understanding how big a step in the process of growing up is having their first REAL bra. BTheir very own bra that would look almost like Mum’s, only smaller and with no underwires … The response to this new product exceeded our wildest expectations! The joy spread not only across our own country, but it eventually allowed us to extend the reach of our brand to several neighbouring countries. Our colourful panties and My First Bra remain the symbols of our brand . Still today, we encounter these Women, now all grown up, who smile at their memories of getting to know our First Bra models.


In the following years, we sailed into new waters, starting new Adventures and facing new Challenges. Designing, preparing patterns for and cutting nightwear was a really demanding task. There were a lot of issues to be worked on – the fabrics, their quality and elasticity, the comfort of models and cuts, and finally the thematic scope of colourful prints.
We worked, we learned and we enjoyed it, because we could finally have the pyjamas and robes that we, our loved ones, and the customers from all over the country and our Eastern and Souhern neighbours dreamed of. Up to this day, we frequently and loudly reiterate that we Create Together, and that each even the tiniest thing is reviewed by many eyes, hands and hearts.


Up to this day, we frequently and loudly reiterate that we Create Together, and that each even the tiniest thing is reviewed by many eyes, hands and hearts. This is our solution for the transitory period from autumn to winter, combining the benefits of warm and comfortable underwear and cold-weather clothing :-)) . A special place in our collections is also reserved for Homewear – comfortable and loose-fitting garments to accompany us at home and around it


The 30th anniversary is the right moment to take a closer look at what we’ve experienced, created together, and what we desire.
We are full of Creative Power and Active Joy; as it was in the beginning, today we still play with colours, forms, and we reach back to our roots and Creative Tradition.



We are proud of our Polish heritage :)).
We are a brand characterised by maturity and awareness, and we couldn’t be more glad that You are with Us.


We have before us new years and new times, but one thing will always remain unchanged: all our efforts, the place we are in, and everything we do is to please the Eye and the Soul… And this is Our Mission


Jola Buca-Żykowska ( with Key since 1991 )

Ryszard Buca ( with Key since 1993 )

stay close to Nature with us

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