And today…

We draw, we paint, we touch, we try on, we experience, and we create together… every collection is prepared a lot in advance so that we can feel and experience every aspect of the little wonders we design :))) and make sure we take care of every detail.

At times, our work is like knitting; we do it in full focus, loop after loop, systematically, every day. Other times, it is more like a relay race, where the baton of workload is passed from the Design to Construction, to Purchasing, to Sales, Marketing and all the way to the Warehouse. At certain points, we all carry this “spark” together, and sometimes we do it separately.

Our work could be compared to the process of creating bracelets, which our Women had the opportunity to learn during one of our workshops.

Firstly, we chose stones that were close to our hearts, full of power and symbols made into beads. Each of us composed her individual design out of beads, personal meaning and beautiful stories. After some time of stringing (and creative focus 🙂 ), each thread finally formed a circle of dancing beads, and a special bracelet with a soul was thus made. :)))

Because each even the tiniest thing, all of which comes from the Soul, is reviewed by many eyes, hands and hearts of creative Women and Men so that the products that will eventually be worn on your beautiful bodies are comfortable, beautiful, and perfectly fitting. And wonders like this can only come to be when you work together, day after day, as a Creative Team.

We hope that you will find the stories woven into our products close to your hearts, too, and that they will fill you with Power whenever you need it the most.

stay close to Nature with us

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