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The beginning of growing up…
We know very well,
that choosing and buying that very first bra
 is a special moment
for every young woman…
Key – My First Bra
Looking for inspiration
we go back
to our roots,
to the sources
of our creative tradition,
to the encounters
with these Creative Women who,
way back
before us…
…looked with tenderness
at the beauty of nature,
and painted, drew, created.

stay close to Nature with us 

We operate and create the Key brand in a peaceful part of Wrocław, near Park Wschodni, at ul. Wilcza – Wolves’ Close.
We placed our design studio, our workrooms, offices and warehouses around nature.
Here, we develop our collections in tune with the natural rhythm. To do this, we search for inspiration all through the year, in summer and in winter, during walks and our femininity-driven meetings, and wherever else we can in order to create and share our stories…

In harmony with nature and at peace with one another
we have been creating for you and for ourselves since 1991

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